Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Uncle Bubba

For those who read my blog...and especially my comments, you know about Uncle Bubba. Uncle Bubba is my sister's husband (he prefers us not to use his real name on my blog :) ). For some reason, unknown to me, he decided to only make comments about fishing on every single post. It's rather humorous and I'm sure he thinks he is so clever. :) He does love fishing and especially misses it now that he has moved from the PNW to Kansas of all places! However, I think the fishing comments are just for my blog. I don't know why?
Uncle Bubba got his name when Brendan was just a little guy. "Uncle Bubba" (known by his real name back then, thought he would call Brendan "little Bubba" when Brendan was maybe 1 or 2. The name backfired and Brendan only referred to him as Bubba from then on. The name has stuck and is totally fitting, if you ask me. It's funny how these nicknames stick. My sister Joanna is called Jojee and I frequently call her that as if it was her real name. "Hi Jojee!" Same with mean Uncle Bubba....except I just call him Bubba. "Hey Rach, what's Bubba up to?" Kids add so much joy to life!
This one's for you Uncle Bubba, from the little Bubba who started this whole thing~

an explanation from Brendan:
'There's my Bubba right behind me. And he's thinking if I could catch a fish. I am waiting for a fish to get caught. Finally I caught a fish! Those 3 circles are the same rock falling and when it hit the water, the water splashed!"


Jessie said...

At first I was thinking...Brendan is fishing while Uncle Bubba daydreams of mowing the lawn?

Carolann said...

Kids are so Great, love the imagination!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true, the nicknamed backfired, though I would not call it a backfire, it has worked out quite well. If I was thinking ahead of time and would have known that Little Bubba would spin it on me I would have tried calling him, Fisherman, Rodster, or something that would have been a great fishing nickname. Oh well, I will stick with Bubba, and as for the comments being just about fishing, there is a reason, and someday someone will figure it out. Don't work too hard trying to figure it out, it will cut into your fishing time. Keep those lines tight.

Uncle Bubba

rachel said...

I love Brennie's, I mean, little Bubba's drawings! It's like he knows his Uncle Bubba so well. That is what Royal is thinking ALL the time! Royal was just asking me where I wanted to go on vacation this summer, I said I didn't know, and Royal said, "I was thinking Alaska, so we could go fishing". awesome.

Kaylee said...

What are you doing using Uncle Bubba's real name???!!! You're going to blow his cover!