Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby in a Basket

Can you believe how chubby he is getting? It happens so darn fast!

I blame this little blob of wonderful-ness for this next picture. I discovered it yesterday while I was slouching on my piano bench just letting my head hang down out of sheer exhaustion. This sight made me laugh a bit and realize how totally and completely my life has come to a halt. I haven't decided if that's Wyatt or Brendan's foot print in the dust. :)


rachel said...

he is so darn cute and chubby! nice to know he's going to be taking after his brothers. :)

and curse those black pianos! they should come with their own dusters!

Mama Amy said...

He sure is pudging out ... look at those cheeks!
Hope you get some rest tonight!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Are you feeding that guy heavy cream? So cute and chubby!

Anonymous said...

It is definitely not a fish print, as for who's foot, I can't tell.
Uncle Bubba