Monday, April 5, 2010

More Baby

I think photographing newborns is insanely hard. Sleeping pictures are easy enough I guess, but newborns make really weird faces and I don't think the camera is very good at portraying what they really look least mine isn't. So I have to snap like 100 and hope one turns out half way decent. And by decent I just mean that when I look at the picture I think, "Yeah. That looks like him." So, here's some more recent pictures of Easton, awake. It's hard to believe he is still less than 2 weeks old. At church on Saturday night someone asked how old he was and Rand answered "3 weeks". I was like, "umm, actually, one week." Rand said, "Well, it feels like 3 weeks." And that's pretty much true!
Here's Easton, 1.5 weeks old:


Carolann said...

You sure do have some cute boys!!! I know it's probably to soon to ask but do you guys plan on having more...maybe getting a girl in there somewhere??? lol

rachel said...

he is so cute! thanks for posting more pictures!!!

and i love wyatt's crown! willow has been wearing around jayden's lately!

Kim said...

Love the pictures!! Easton is so lucky to have such great big brothers!

Kristi said...

Adorable! Love all the love!

Anonymous said...

Time to get that boy a fishing pole.
Uncle Bubba