Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why having 3 is easier than having 1

Today (or is it yesterday now?) Easton was fussing. He was tired, but not conkin' out. So I finally just put him in the swing. He continued fussing and then I captured this:

I didn't get much of it on video, but Brendan sang and hummed his brother to sleep. It was awesome. Pardon the strange behavior with the bubble wand. If you must know, he was rolling his shirt up with it and then he stuck it in his belly button and was twisting it. Strange child. But thanks for putting your brother to sleep!!!


Anonymous said...

Good work little bubba, now go and practice casting.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

Nice work little bubba, now go practice casting your fishing rod.
Uncle Bubba

rachel said...

i love it! what a good big brother!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh, I miss you guys. Glad you clarified what he was doing with the bubble wand. :)