Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kid Quotes::Vol. 15

Just tonight.

Brendan: Hey Mom, do you think in Heaven God would let us eat dessert for dinner?

And one from Wyatt....he will probably die someday when he realizes that I've posted this for the world to see:

Wyatt: Mom, I wish I was a talking dog. You know why?

Me: Why?

Wyatt: Because then I wouldn't have to wipe when I go poop.

(no joke. he thought of that on his own) :)


rachel said...

ha ha ha ha. that's so funny!!!

wyatt's quote got a fist pump from uncle bubba. :)

Krisy said...

Holy cow! SOOO funny.

Anonymous said...

You must admit that having such ability as Wyatt stated would save time, meaning you could fish for just a little longer.
Uncle Bubba

Mama Amy said...

Gotta love boys. Tell him at least he doesn't have to wipe when he pees like girls do ...

Brianne said...

this is one of the best kids quotes i've ever heard! really gave me a good laugh! :)

Kim said...

... and Wyatt is the one that gets grossed out by boogers?

SO so funny!

Amy Cooper said...

ahhh, Wyatt. We will be able to have lots of conversations with Forrest in the future. Poop is a favorite topic in our convos. . . you know that. :)