Monday, April 12, 2010

Science Experiment #7:: Water Absorption

Last week our science experiment had to do with water and sugar and dried things vs. hydrated things and water and mold and things like that!
I know the kids don't look like they are having all that much fun, but I swear, they love doing their science experiements. You'll even notice Wyatt making notes and drawing pictures of his observations. :)


Mama Amy said...

I just can't believe that you can find time to teach the kids with a 2.5 week old baby ... wowie wow wow!

Anonymous said...

The capillary action and solvent power of water makes it the most destructive chemical compound on Earth, it is also the home of all fish, which makes it my favorite.
Uncle Bubba

mom/nana/leslee said...

you totally crack me up Royal....wish i could give you a hug

mom said...

Royal you totally crack me up :)