Friday, June 11, 2010

3 Things

First of all I must brag about Brendan. He finished his math this week. We aren't done with all of our school work yet, but Brendan was bound and determined to finish his math ASAP. The last day he did 3 lessons including a 4 page test (which he aced! 100%). He is very proud! :) I'm proud of him too, and I LOVE looking at what he has accomplished this year.

He went from simple addition using a number line:

To double digit addition carrying the one, triple digit addition and double digit subtraction without the number line amoung other things like counting money, ones/tens/hundreds place, and beginning fractions:

Bring on the second grade!!!

Way to go Bren! You are one super smart kid!

Second. Easton is awesome. He is rounding that hard newborn corner and heading on his way to a little dude with a big personality. We are figuring out how to make him smile. When to leave him alone. What he likes and doesn't like, etc. Everyone gives him (or maybe it's me) a hard time for how big he is. And I'll be the first to tell you. He. Is. Big! But sometimes I just cuddle him and think how little he is, because an almost 7 year old and an almost 5 year old are much, much bigger and I wish it would all just stop for a sec.

And third. We found a REALLY big bug in our pool. I think it is some kind of a cicada, but Rand doesn't think so. Whatever it is, it is way too big and gross to be sharing the pool with us. Right now his wings are drying out under a clear bucket. Despite its grossness none of us could kill him. Hopefully he'll fly away and never return. (((shudder)))


rachel said...

1) congrats brennie! the boy is way too smart for his own good! you'll be having to send him to my house for calculus lessons pretty soon!

2) roly-poly easton. he's just so great. i need more pictures please.

3) that bug is nasty. i made royal come over and look at it to see if he knew what it was. he said, 'well, it looks like a...some kind' (remind you of anyone?????) :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like bait to me. The bug that is.
Uncle Bubba