Friday, June 18, 2010

Wyatt's Picture

Nana and Papa welcoming Brendan, Wyatt and Cousin Jayden to the Lake House with open arms and lightsabers. I love this picture! Gonna have to try and make this one come true!


rachel said...

I LOVE IT!!! Royal asks me a couple times a week if you guys have a plan yet. Jayden asks me almost everyday how many days till he gets to see his "cousins, you know my cousins, brennie and wyatt???" again. :)

mom aka nana said...

my arms are open!!!! i'm ready and waiting....bring lightsabers...i'll have cookies

can't wait

The Raudenbush Family said...

As long as no one fights each other with the light sabers, you are good to go. Drew plays Star Wars several times a day. I always have to be Princess Leah. Mark gets to be all sorts of odd characters. He was uber excited when last Saturday I scored 18 Star Wars figures at a yard sale for $3.

Anonymous said...

Put down the lightsabers and grab a fishing pole.
Uncle Bubba