Thursday, June 3, 2010

Easton::10 Weeks

How sad is it to not have a picture. :( This was one of the most recent though and it pretty much captures his 10 week wonderfulness. I believe Rachel snapped the shot! Looks like he likes her. :)

Easton, aside from obviously being a good eater and tipping the scales with his more than 17 lbs is doing lots of things.

-He is trying to usually comes out more like a squeal.
-He LOVES watching his brothers
-He fusses after he eats, but only until his first big spit up. :(
-He is trying his darndest to be a thumb sucker. He REFUSES the binki and is constantly sucking on his hand or knuckles. It's just a matter of time before he figures out how to stick that thumb out at just the right time.
-He LOVES when his brothers get right in his face and sing to him. (Favorite song: Daisy, Daisy..)
-His favorite place in the house is the changing table
-His favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is take a bath (He goes nuts!!!)
-He sleeps just okay, but I'm not complaining...I'm also not going anywhere so limited functioning is working for me right now.
-He LOVES when Rand gets home from work. I think to him it feels like Rand just magically appears in his face and it is such a refreshing change from what he has spent the day looking at.
-He spends a lot of time getting pushed around the house in the carseat/snap n go stroller.
-He's got more rolls than I can count.
-He likes spending his nights sleeping by me...and I like it too.
-His big boy hair is coming in, but he still has a little tuft of baby hair on top that is always sticking up and the baby hair mullet in the back. I've been tempted with scissors several times.
-He looks like a 6month old, but can't do anything 6 month olds can do! ha! He's still working on gettin' that head of his to hold still off my shoulder.

We all really love him.


Amy Cooper said...

I can't WAIT to meet Easton this summer! We'll take enough photos to make up for this "sans-camera" time! :)
Miss you guys!

The Raudenbush Family said...

He has officially matched Lydia in weight now who is a bit over 17 lbs a little short of 15 mo. old. Too bad we can't put the two of them together and watch Easton sit there eying her up as she runs around!

Anonymous said...

So you are telling me he has not perfected his casting motion just yet.

Uncle Bubba