Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little Wannabe Farmers

For a fun outing we went to the pet store yesterday. It's gotten too hot to do much outside that doesn't involve being in copious amounts of water, so we are looking for free indoor fun! And I happened to find some at this "not-your-average-pet-shop" pet shop! This pet store doesn't have puppies, or kittens or even fish. Instead they have chickens, goats, bunnies, ducks and other small farm animals.

The bunnies were sooooo cute!!!

they had lionhead bunnies that look like they have fuzzy lion manes.
Baby chicks!

And baby ducks and geese!

I didn't take many pictures outside because it was hot and my phone battery was almost dead, but I did get one of the potbelly pigs! They are so ugly they're cute. I really like them! I hear they are a lot like dogs. Friendly, fun and trainable.

So the kids were really excited and they were sad we couldn't take anything home. It was hard to explain that even if we could afford to buy the animal we still needed to know how to take care of them and have the equipment before we could bring anything home. So on the way home they had me make a list of the animals each of them wanted.
Wyatt's List: a tortoise, a cow with horns, a potbelly pig, a regular pig, a baby duck and a baby viper.
Brendan's List: a kitten, a baby duck, a guard dog, a baby goose, a baby rabbit, and a baby turtle (notice the baby theme!)
They both decided, too, that they wanted a farmer hat since they were going to be farmers. I asked them if they knew what farmers did. They said, "Take care of animals!" Alrighty!

So we went to the library and got some animal books (Wyatt's are mostly about lizards) and are dreaming about our Hobby Farm. Maybe someday! :)


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that they did not want to raise fish.
Uncle Bubba

Ashley said...

what a great place! I will totally have to take Jake there! We should go on an outing there together:)