Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Game Must Go On...

...Despite the weather! The temps have been creepin' up and threatening 110. Ugh! I actually think that having experienced an East Coast humid summer I can actually tolerate this a little better. Like they always say, "It's hot, but it's a dry heat." Seriously. Dry heat is better.
Well, we live across the street from this big park. Originally we thought this was better than it is. Turns out there is a Frisbee golf course over there and TONS of people use it all the time. You could seriously get injured in my driveway if you aren't watching out! Despite the constant flow of poor-men golfers, there are a few patches of park that are safe from the flying discs. I usually opt out of the baseball trips to the park, because for me and the babe it is just too hot. So what do I do? I decide to go of our hottest days yet! It was late evening and there was shade, and I brought a spray bottle full of water for me and the babe, which I emptied in about 20 mins. :)

I realized it's been a while since I've watched the boys play baseball. They have gotten a lot better. I seriously can't believe how far Brendan can hit! And Wyatt is hitting like a champ without the tee. It was pretty awesome.

These top ones are of the boys doing their favorite drill: PICKLE. 2 bases, 1 runner trying to make it back and forth between the bases without getting tagged. They're good at it, but I'm terrified the little runner is going to get hit in the back of the head with a wild throw!

That, my friends, is Rand's Biola U. hat! My boy has a big head. He might be about ready for a bigger glove, too!

There's Wyatt runnin' the bases. You can kind of see our house in the background. That's Rand's white work van parked in front.

Looks like he might have missed that one! Hmm, I think he took his eyes off the ball from my observations. He likes keepin' his eyes on the deep outfield. :)
This is a Wagner smile, right here.

And this little guy enjoyed the outing and especially liked getting sprayed (even in the face) with the water bottle. He is sooo one of the boys.
I brought the little guy back early for a dip in the pool and jammies (just bottoms). He slept like that until 5:30am!!! Maybe we'll go to the ball field more often!


rachel said...

i wish i could come watch some baseball! jayden's getting pretty good at hitting out of the air too, but i bet he would have way more fun getting to play with his cousins! home run! home run! home run!

and um, easton, those jammie pants were jayden's 1st st patties day jammies...that would mean jayden would of almost been a year old.... just saying... :)

Mama Amy said...

I cannot believe how chubby that baby is!!! WOW! :) I bet you just love to squeeze those rolls every day!

The Raudenbush Family said...

I know I say this in...well...every comment I post. But, seriously, I'd love to see him next to Lydia. He's no "little guy" by any means. It would be downright comical to put the two next to each other. What's funny is that Lydia would take him down though she's teeny since she's running around and climbing everything, etc. Brendan is adorable as ever in these pictures by the way.

Anonymous said...

Now if they would practice casting as much as they practice baseball we would be getting somewhere.
Uncle Bubba