Monday, December 12, 2011

Around the House

Okay. I've got some anxious bystanders waiting for house pics. We are so almost done...but then there is the constant picking up behind everyone that makes taking house pictures difficult. Over time, I'm sure you'll get more looks at more of our place. For now...this is what I got!

our house: 1 story stone rambler. 3 bedrooms. 2 full baths. 1 great room. 1 small kitchen. 1 huge attached garage. nice size laundry room with sink. lots of storage throughout. 1400 sq. ft.

Me, Rand, the dog, and the new baby will occupy the master. All three boys are in one bedroom and the other room is multi-purpose. School takes place at the kitchen table because my kids table (I'm still crying about this one) got destroyed in the move. (I need a carpenter friend to come look at it. anyone? anyone?)

I have yet to hang curtains and most of the pictures. It's always last. And curtains are difficult on new windows, IMO.

a place for the train table (close to the sewing machine for kid entertainment close to mom!)
we haven't had it out since the big boys kinda outgrew it. Easton is just at the perfect age and went around and around and around last night....and this morning. (the big boys played with it too!)

a place for school books and other stuff

a place to sew!

a place for all the other crafty stuff. very accessible to a couple holiday crafters.

a place for all the other kid books (I keep the school books separate from all the other ones)

a place for little boys to sleep and play

a place to do laundry...and clean up from outside! (that's the door out to the garage)

another place to hang coats and store mittens! (and play the piano)

a little nook to stash the mail (and hang a fish)

a place for a Christmas tree (a rocking chair when the tree is gone) See my giant teddy bear? How did that manage to make the move with us???

Out the front door



Out the back door

the back

Wish you could see the stream!
coming next....around the grounds


Rachael said...

Your new home is beautiful! Reading your last few posts, I became overwhelmed with happiness for you and your family. Congratulations to you, Rand and your boys on a fantastic new home.

Rachel said...

FINALLY!!!! i'm dying out here in kansas! I think it all looks fantastic! and i can't wait to come visit, for like, all summer! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fishing paradise.

Uncle Bubba

Kelly the Overthinker said... Love it. So great! And, I have to say that the hanging fish is uber neat in an of itself.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Maureen

Anonymous said...

It looks totally wonderful...a bigger yard than you had here...and lots to explore...miss you all sooooo muchhhhhh!!!!!!

Grandpa Mike

Auntie Pam said...

What a find, Kaylee! You will all thrive in such a great place!