Friday, December 16, 2011


I almost forgot to share the big news around here!

Brendan has no front teeth. Wyatt is mostly responsible. The teeth have been semi-loose for a while but not much (My boys, so far, lose their teeth kinda late!) Then a fist to the mouth (all in good fun, of course) got one of them quite loose. Brendan was thrilled. He wiggled and messed with it for several hours until it was yanked from his mouth. A few days later....same thing to the tooth next to it. Only was an elbow instead of a fist. Wyatt! Again, wiggling, pushing, pulling, twisting ensued. I was grossed out beyond belief. He kept showing me this bloody mess of a tooth hanging there in his mouth. By the end of the day that tooth was out. Both front teeth gonzo!
His gums were sore for about a week.

Has he heard the Christmas song??? Only from about every single person who has gazed upon his toothless mouth. Does he want his 2 front teeth for Christmas? No. I think all he wanted was for them to fall out. We still giggle when we look at him. Losing teeth is such a weird thing! :)


Anonymous said...

Looking like a fisherman from some towns I have been to. A good look if you ask me.
Uncle Bubba

Kristi said...

Oh! See, obviously I haven't checked in and am reading in reverse ;) WTG! It was always funny to me to see him with a mouth full of baby teeth while Karleigh, several months younger, has 8 permanent teeth and a retainer already :) (the toothless grin always takes me some time to get used to)

Anonymous said...

Brendan you have a super great smile with or without your teeth!! The Great Marshmellow