Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th

We had some big plans to go somewhere and enjoy festivities for The Fourth, but changed our minds last minute and kept it much more low key. I'm glad we did. We ate pizza and started a bon fire and lit sparklers and ate s'mores. It was really quite nice. The kids were so tired yesterday that everyone took really good naps in the afternoon (even the big kids) and so around the camp fire everyone was in good spirits and not overly tired. They took turns telling ghost stories and we went to bed late. We could see lots of awesome fireworks all around us (surprisingly) and so we enjoyed the best of both worlds!

The boys. Recovering from their party the night before.

Rand and Annabel having a very serious conversation aobut the evening plans. :)


Anonymous said...

The perfect night for fishing, and of course some smores.
Uncle Bubba

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