Thursday, July 5, 2012

Before the 4th

It seems like The 4th of July, as far as the holiday goes, has actually turned into a 2 day event. There is always The 3rd of July celebrations and then another celebration the next day/night. I like it. On the 3rd this year we went to my Mom's new house. She isn't even moved in yet. In fact, we took her couch with us so that we would have somewhere to sit. We cooked like mad in her new kitchen (that doesn't even have a refrigerator yet) and fed the whole crew. Did I mention Rachel is here from Kansas with her 2 kids and her dog in her trailer parked out in my driveway?....It's awesome but it's a whole other post. Anyway, we did make a lot of food for all those kids and then we piled everyone in the car to go to a look-out over Hood Canal to watch the firework show. The clearing was a new clearing and it was nothing but dirt. And I was wearing sandals. And Willow was collecting boulders. And Easton, well he is famous for what happens to him if there is any dirt around. And the three big boys, Brendan, Wyatt, and Jayden, we hardly knew where they were the whole time because they were off exploring dirt hills and cliffs. Annabel hung with me. She's the only one who stayed clean. The weather was freezing (which is normal for the 4th) but it was clear and not raining. I was just happy to be outside. 4th of July in Phoenix is kind of least it was for me. TOO HOT! The fireworks were good. We got home super late and the kids slept in. Sort of. I really like this holiday. Especially here. And especially with family.

First things, first. Jayden lost his tooth. I {heart} my nephew!


nllm said...

looks like a great time, enjoy!

Mom. Aka nana said...

It was a fabulous third! And an even more fabulous way to break in the new kitchen...the stove and oven are pristine no longer which is a relief! It was just a dream to have all the grand kids running and eating and yelling and running and their moms and aunties all cooking...sweet house warming! It warmed my heart for sure....our family has changed and we weren't all together but it was good...real real good.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I missed it, wish I could have been there to help with the fishing.
Uncle Bubba