Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's almost the opposite of our ex-Arizona life. Oceans instead of deserts. Lakes instead of pools. Rain instead of "dry" heat. And outdoor fun in the summer instead of in the winter. I can't say I loved one and hated the least not totally. I really like Phoenix, but I really, really didn't like summer there. It's too long and it's too hot. So I am really loving summer right now, especially knowing what I'm missing. We are having real summer weather which has everyone just jumping for joy. Rand and I are still thrilled to wake up to cool mornings with cloud cover and knowing the "heat" will only be for a little bit. The cool nights and mornings are practically unbeatable.
We recently went to the ocean and it was freezing. And windy. Some of our group didn't stay long because of the so-called-bad-weather. But oh we who have suffered through horribly hot summers weren't going anywhere. It's the ocean! And it is awesome!

Easton isn't much of a fan of touching the ocean. He prefers the sand as one would expect.

See how happy he is?

Today to beat the heat....actually it wasn't to beat the heat, it was to get everyone out of the house for a while because it is so impossible to keep up with the cleaning and feeding of our small army. At least if we aren't home it can't get any messier! Anyway, we went downtown to the Olympia fountains. It sure is fun watching our kids have fun. Me and Rach, we talk about the fun we will have someday when all our fun isn't all about our kids' fun. But for now, watching little ones run through splashing water is pretty fun!

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Anonymous said...

A trip out by a lake and no fishing? What a shame.
Uncle Bubba