Saturday, July 14, 2012


We had an awesome summer storm last night. It started in the evening and went on and on and on. Summer storms here in Washington aren't all that common. In Phoenix, summer=monsoon season. You expect to see a storm somewhere over the Phoenix area nearly every night during the summer. On the east coast, at least for the little while we lived there, it seemed like we got to experience quite a few summer thunder storms. Western Washington is known for it's mild weather. No major ups, no major downs, so we only get the occasional big storm. Yesterdays storm was out of the blue (I swear I checked the forecast in the morning and it had just sun for the next 10 days.) Anyway! This is a long, drawn out way to say that storm last night was awesome! It was loud and the rain was huge and it was warm and muggy. I loved it. It had kind of moved on when all of a sudden there was a HUGE crack. I jumped up just sure all 6 of the sleeping children were going to be freaking out but nope. They slept right through it. I have no idea how. Well the next day when my mom came over she said that one of our trees got struck by lightning. We went to check it out! It looked like the tree was just grazed by the bolt. It wrapped around and striped the tree like a candy cane. Bark exploded and it was everywhere. I'm sure it is what we heard. I'm so glad it wasn't closer!

The bark just flew!

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Anonymous said...

that is almost as cool as landing a fish.
Uncle Bubba