Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Parade

After our crazy late night on the third we all slept in and then rushed out the door to the Tumwater Parade. I like parades, but honestly, when did they become about advertising for businesses? Boring! We left before it was over because it was long and slow and pretty boring. The kids decided rolling in the grass behind us was more fun than watching the parade. Lots of people running for office rolling down the road in the back of a pick-up truck with a couple of their friends all waving campaign signs. Albertsons came by with EMPTY grocery carts and a big truck to advertise their upcoming remodel. What??? At least fill your grocery carts with candy. There weren't any marching bands and there were very few horses, and Easton was scared to death of the HotRods that kept reving their engines right in front of us. There wasn't even anyone throwing candy. NO ONE. If one of the people running for county commissioner would have been throwing candy, I might have been convinced to vote for them. I guess that's how shallow I am. :) Or maybe I thought parades were supposed to be more fun? Well, it was fun in it's own way. The kids were cute.

the one and only clown and the one and only candy offerning. 20 mins. before the parade started.

She didn't mind the noise...or the lack of candy

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Anonymous said...

Skip the parade and go fishing, unless of course it is a parade of fish.
Uncle Bubba