Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anniversary Strawberries

I've been married 12 years. 12!!! This morning before church we all went strawberry picking and it was a fun way to celebrate. 12 years and we've created a family. A family of little kids and we are glad to spend almost all of our moments with them. After the picking we went to church and then over to my moms where we turned it almost all into strawberry freezer jam. I can hardly wait to eat it! We might have to make this a July 1st tradition!


Mama Amy said...

Here is what I notice about these pictures (besides the delicious strawberries/jam and adorable kids): everyone is pretty much wearing LONG SLEEVES ON JULY 1st!!!! WHAT?

Anonymous said...

Those strawberries look delicious, I would eat them if I were a fish.
Uncle Bubba