Thursday, August 30, 2012

Annabel::7 Months

Now time is really flyin'! #4 is closer to 1 years old than to the day she was born. Life feels very full with all 4 and I sometimes wish I had more time to just enjoy Annabel. I fail to even appreciate what a good baby she really is because life around us is utter chaos. She deals with it well!

Her brothers entertain her to no end, and take care of her for that matter. I rarely get her up from her naps or get toys for her to play with or scooch her away from what ever she's managed to reach. They are great brothers.

Annabel is just about crawling. By far my earliest mover. I swear the boys were nowhere near crawling until 9 months. I always blamed it on chubbiness, but now I think it was because they were back sleepers and she is so much stronger on her tummy because that is how she sleeps. I tried to make Easton a tummy sleeper but he would have none of it! So she is mobile now! Her crawl is very unorganized still, but she will get places and she can even get herself back up to sitting which is handy.
She just started solids, but isn't real coordinated with that either. She likes it a lot, but her tongue has no idea what to do with that food. She manages to eat it, but it's messy, and hilarious!

She's a gem.

And, yes, that is a huge basket of laundry in the corner. Just keepin' it real.


Anonymous said...

She is going to make one real cute fisherwoman.
Uncle Bubba

Mom aka nana said...

She is a living doll...I love her to pieces!