Monday, August 27, 2012

Play Hard Crash Hard

WARNING: there are some pictures below that some people may not want to see.....just so ya know!

It's been 6 days since it happened. Our worst crash of the summer. It was Brendan again. This is the third significant face injury he's had this summer.

We were all inside, everyone except Brendan, when he came in crying (which he never does. If you hear Brendan crying from an injury you know instantly something bad happened). I was in the kitchen and heard him but didn't see him. I heard Rand say, "What happened, Bud?" and I came around the corner and saw him. Blood everywhere. We ran to the sink and he kept saying, "Did my tooth come out? Did my tooth come out?" He spit blood in the sink and and I looked in his mouth. To my horror, his permanent tooth (they are only about half grown in) was dangling out of its normal place. We finally got out of him what in the world happened. He was skateboarding but not with his feet. He was running down the sidewalk, pushing the skateboard with his hands. The skateboard hit a crack and stopped. His face was only inches from the ground and that is what happened.

We were all panicking inside but trying hard to keep it together. Rand nearly threw up and we instantly called the dentist and left to get him looked at. Brendan was really concerned about his tooth and his whole mouth was really banged up (and his nose and shoulder and eye and cheek) he even had gravel in his teeth. Everything started swelling. Poor kid. He was really embarrassed for anyone to see him and really didn't want to have a fake tooth.

The dentist was great. He asked what Brendan's teeth used to look like and we told him that it used to be even with the one next to it. So he just gentle put pressure on Brendan's gums and pushed the tooth back up and into place. To keep it there they bonded it with a flexible wire to his other tooth. He gave us a couple weeks to go home and heal and we shall see if the nerve and blood supply was permanently damaged. So far, after about a week, the tooth still looks alive!

I had to get Brendan's permission to share the story and he approved the pictures, although with hesitation. He is here proof reading over my shoulder. I assured him that years from now we will want to read back over this blog and remember what happened. And he wanted me to be sure to write, "Thank you God for dentists!" Amen to that!


This is day 1 after we got home from the dentist. Oh this makes me sad. And he's even trying to smile. This hardly captures how swollen his cheek and mouth were.
Day 2. Still swollen and getting colorful.
His Papa brought him flowers. That's a skateboard and band aids in there!
Day 3. Covered in vitamin e oil.

As of today, Day 6, he is looking better. Most of the scabs are off, but that new skin is NOT the same color as his summer tanned face. We will see the dentist in a week for a follow up about his tooth. He is still having trouble eating from the gash in his lower lip that has turned into 4 canker sores and he obviously can't bite anything with his front teeth.

These boys of mine, they play hard....and they crash hard too.


Kristi said...

Boy, oh, BOY! ;) You're a good sport, Brendan. Owie.

Rachel said...

Oh gosh! Those pictures make me totally cringe! Papa's flowers are awesome! You are one tough cookie, Brennie!

Maureen said...


Anonymous said...

Your right Bennie, thank you God for dentist. And I say, "thank you God for a big boy names Brendan Wagner who is so so brave. Love you so much from your Great Aunt Marshmellow. I hope Wyatt is doing okay too. He must have been really upset by the sight of his poor brother! Much Love.

Anonymous said...

I looked like that once, a big fish got the better of me.
Uncle Bubba