Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the Orchard

There is an awesome (neglected) orchard on our property. I have dreams of taking care of it so that it really produces its potential but I think it may just stay a dream. It would be such a huge task. These trees need pruning and the whole orchard needs mowing, and who knows what other kind of tree care and spraying would need to be done to make this orchard what it was meant to be.
Nevertheless there is still plenty of yumminess to be had. There are lots of different kinds of apple trees out there right now. At least 3 different kinds of plums. There are grapes coming on and lots of cherry trees that never really did produce anything. And the peaches have been the biggest surprise. They are huge and so tasty. I didn't know peaches could do this well on this side of the mountains. Maybe it was just a good summer.

Brendan is my orchard/picking partner. He loves fruit the most and he and I think it is great fun to explore the orchard and see what kind of treasures we can find. Everyone else either is climbing or somewhere else playing.


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Anonymous said...

Nice haul, now for some fish to go with that deliciousness.
Uncle Bubba