Monday, August 6, 2012

Annabel::6 Months

I'm always falling behind on these birthday posts. I had to get this one up because we have another birthday kid TOMORROW! We still haven't had the little girl's 6 month appointment yet, so I have no interesting facts like how incredibly chubby she is, but you can tell from the pictures!

Annabel has moved into her own bed, at least for naps and the first part of the night. She is too mobile to be trusted in a big bed by herself so now she is contained!

She is sitting up great and playing with toys and putting her own binki back in her mouth. Growing up! She is still just nursing but has had a taste of rice ceral and oatmeal and even a banana. She seems to like food, but doesn't know exactly what to do with it. We shall wait until the spoon and swallowing solids isn't such a strange thing.

She had her first cold and you will see she wasn't quite so smiley in these pictures. It has disrupted the broken sleep we were getting even more and she has lived in the ergo on my back while I do basically everything.

6 months. It feels like we survived something. :)


Mom said...

She is beautiful and I love her.

Anonymous said...

I think she misses her Uncle Bubba, I know that I miss her. I also see lots of fishing in her future.

Uncle Bubba