Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Art

Clearly from the pictures, Brendan and Rand enjoyed the activity the most. Wyatt did his share of egg dying but lost steam (he's feeling under the weather).
Hopefully it's not dumping rain tomorrow (like it is today) when we have our little Easter egg hunt in the back yard!

And in case you wanted to feel like you were really's a video. And yes, Brendan is talking a little funny. For some reason he gets an accent whenever he is "performing" for someone. The kids have watched it a million times and are walking around quoting Brendan using his funny voice.



rachel said...

his funny voice is hilarious! uncle bubba sometimes gets an accent when he gets real excited too. must be something about bubbas. :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Howdy from MD...looks like tons of fun. The rain has stopped down here. Hope it has there too. Have a blessed Easter Sunday service and family day. We are praying for both...

Anonymous said...

Next time instead of coloring eggs you hsould cure up some salmon eggs for bait.
Uncle Bubba