Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This weekend Rand got me a picnic table. I got clips for my picnic table to hold on my table cloth. Wyatt took my clips and threw one into a shrub that was littered with leaves up against our house. While I searched (grumbling, mind you, for I had already told them to leave them alone because I didn't want them to get lost) for my clip I accidentally ran across this (and almost destroyed it in the process):

Luckily I didn't destroy it or remove it or pick up the egg or anything like that...even though I kind of wanted to. One lonely egg is all we saw. I showed the boys and then we sat at the picnic table and watched. Pretty soon a little sparrow showed up chirping and hopping all around the shrub. This morning I went to check on the little nest because I was afraid that because of our intrusion it might have been abandoned, but sure enough, there was mama bird sitting on her cute little nest. She saw me and hopped out and went to chirp at me from a safer distance.
I looked and saw there were now 3 eggs in the nest!
Look how cute they are!

And here's mama...anxiously waiting for me to leave:
From what I've read, Dad should return upon hatching to help with the feeding duties (what a good Dad). We have a window right above this shrub, so I'm hoping we can keep our eyes on all the Spring time action.


Anonymous said...

You have the funnest stuff happen at your house!!!! I hope to see photos of the little babies when they hatch. Love The Great Marshmellow

Anonymous said...

That is pretty neat, but not as neat as if you got to watch fish eggs hatch.
Uncle Bubba