Sunday, April 12, 2009


Celebrating the day Jesus conquered the grave has always been emotional for me ever since I became a Christian and let the significance of that event for me sink in. Powerful. These days it is emotional for other reasons as well. I find myself focusing more on the reality of Heaven and that because of Jesus' Resurrection I will see my brother again and less on the fact that Jesus' died for me. I'm trying to remember both today.
On another note, I have been scouring my computer trying to remember what in the world we did for Easter last year. I can't find anything. No pictures, blogs or otherwise. I wonder if the video camera has anything? I can't locate anything in my brain other than I know we went to church on Saturday night.
This morning we had the kids "hunt" for their Easter buckets and then off we went to church. Rand went a couple hours earlier than us (as usual) and we went an hour earlier than normal to practice for the Easter program. Remember, Brendan was going to "pick up his nerve"? They swore they were going to do it together. Any guesses on what happened? Sadly, the nerve never got picked up. Brendan was willing, but only if Wyatt would do it with him. Wyatt chickened out immediately. Here's a couple pics of Brendan trying to talk his brother into it:

The negotiating didn't work. We have been very casual about the whole thing, constantly telling the boys they don't have to if they don't want to. Well, after all the discussion I wondered if maybe a little "You're doing it!" wouldn't work a little. So I told Brendan he was doing it. All he had to do was walk in at a certain point in the song, kneel down in front of the cross and then walk on out.
Now, what you are about to see could either cause you start crying or get totally mad at me. I mean what kind of mom takes pictures of their kids when they are obviously needing a hug? Rest assured, the poor guy was given gaboons of hugs and kisses and holds and was told, "Don't worry. You don't have to do it." Okay? So instead of posting "proud-mamma" pictures of my boys participating in the church Easter program, here's what I got (and don't worry, I'm still proud):

I know, I know, isn't that the saddest thing ever???

Well we had a lovely time after that. Rand and I and the boys went out to lunch after church and came home to have our Easter egg hunt. It has all felt a little "off" but we have sugar flowing through the veins like no other right now. In fact I'm having trouble typing this with all the craziness going on around me. Still, all these 'lonely' holidays is making me want to have more kids. This just isn't enough of a crowd.

Here is a video of the boys 'hunting' for their buckets this morning.

Check this out. Wyatt and I were outside bringing in some Christmas lights that were still wrapped around one of our trees (they weren't lit anymore, but still) I looked towards the backyard and there was a big, brown bunny. I have never seen a bunny since we've been here. Not that I didn't think they existed, but what are the chances we would see one, in our driveway, on Easter!? I grabbed my camera, but he was off and hopping and I couldn't get a good shot. I thought that was pretty cool though.

Here's the rest of our day....


Bren helping Dad take down the Easter signs. (they didn't wear the boots to church)

Wyatt's new pose

-All in celebration of Christ risen. What a glorious thing!


rachel said...

i have 3 things to say :
1) yea for easter and resurrections and the ability to be with jesus and willie again someday! i agree, it is hard to separate the 2.

2) that is the saddest face I've ever seen. poor guy. those nerves, they are so hard to pick up.

3) that's sweet that you saw a bunny. i saw one too! well what was left of one that scooter ate for dinner last night. :) ha ha ha..i know, sick! i hope it wasn't the cadbury bunny because i would of loved to have some of his eggs.

Red said...

We would have loved to have you over! We always have people here and it felt a little strange with just us but I don't want anyone sick. There is always next year! Those of us with no family near need to stick together and form our own kind of "family". I'll be praying for you, it take a lnog time here to settle in.

Carolann said...

Loving the boots!!! I want a pair.

Anonymous said...

I look the same way when I don't get to go fishing. The next set of boots that the boys need are hip boots, followed by chest waders. All to enhance the fishing experience.
Uncle Bubba