Friday, April 17, 2009

Please Touch

Today we spent the day at the Please Touch Museum. It is an amazing place for kids! If you've ever been to this one in Olympia, The Please Touch Museum is along the same lines but at least 1o times bigger. It was awesome. We are so tired tonight.
Thanks Matthew and Joleen for inviting us!

Warning: Lots of pictures!


The Raudenbush Family said...

Fun place...but funnier name. I always think it's sorta silly. We have a membership so let us know if you want to go again. We can get at least one of you in free I think.

Anonymous said...

Kaylee, what a great place for kids. I'm sure I would like to go and experience all the fun. We must go when I come to visit. Love the pictures, it makes it feel like I'm there with you. Love dad.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Brennie was fishing out of that canoe.

Uncle Bubba

nana aka mom said...

you know, wyatt has really good finger position on that piano! and he looks so natural behind the steering wheel of that little truck.....waving at all his friends going by...just like he's been driving for years!...brendan looks as though he's paddled a canoe a time or two and is ready for his next adventure... olympia's children's museum doesn't even come close to that place....and i thought it was so amazing !! :)

Anonymous said...