Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reading Like a Champ

I get to enjoy the privilege of staying home and teaching my kids. While there are many days I wish I could get as far away from them as possible, I know I am blessed and I thoroughly enjoy watching, helping and encouraging them in learning new things, even as they get to be school age. Brendan started to read when he was 4. I wouldn't describe him as "gifted" or anything like that, but as a Mom, he makes me proud! :) Today he totally impressed me. Although I have been by his side while he has learned to read this whole year, I had no idea what he could do. Kid's brains are really amazing.
While driving home today, he pulled a church flyer out of his goodie bag from last weekend. The flyer was intended for the parents, mind you, but he was certain it was for him. Here's what the back of it looked like:

While I drove, Brendan read the first 2 sentences of that paragraph....easily. I was thinking, "Wow! That's pretty good reading." He only mispronounced "Christ" and said it with a short "i" sound, but still.
He stopped and said, "I'm just not going to read the rest of that because that would probably take me forever!"
I said, "That was awesome reading, Bren! You read some really big words, like 'adventure' and 'challenging'. I'm totally impressed with you."
As plain and as calm as he could muster he replied, "Thank you, Mom." (You gotta know he was super proud of himself)
I love that!


Kim said...

AWESOME, Brendan!!! ... and way to go, Kaylee for being a great teacher!!! Just a hunch, but I bet Brendan will be the student who will throw off the grading curve or the one who you love to hate because they are so naturally intelligent.

rachel said...

your kid is a freakin' genius!!! :) love you guys

The Raudenbush Family said...

I heard him reading his fortune out of the fortune cookie last night and was totally impressed. He IS gifted. Way to go, Brendan!

thoughtlife said...

Kaylee, you are doing an awesome job not only teaching the kiddos and being a good mom, but you are also a great wife who makes me feel very loved and respected- eventhough I often fall short. I could not ask for more! Thanks for being so great. Love You.

Krisy said...

I can't even read that. I went to WSU you know. Good job big man and momma.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Brenedan, but next time read something useful, like the fishing rules and regulations.
Uncle Bubba