Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Eggstravaganza....

...the other reason we are so tired after our weekend.

Rand has spent the last few months (along with his fabulous team of helpers/planners) planning our church's Spring Eggstravaganza. It was a free event we hosted, on the campus our church meets on, for the whole community to come out and have fun. There was an egg hunt, moon bounces, crafts, snacks, pictures with the Easter bunny, and a strange performing bear. The event started quickly after church and went through the afternoon. The weather couldn't have been better and over 200 kids (+ their parents) turned out from the community.
The boys ran through those moon bounce things over and over and over. I lost them multiple times but always found them, oblivious to the fact that I had been missing.

The egg hunt was hilarious. They split the kids up by ages and the preschoolers went to one end and the older kids to the other. Rand took Wyatt and I don't think Wyatt had a good idea of what was going to happen. They yelled 1-2-3 and the little preschoolers took off running for the eggs. Poor Wyatt ran a few steps. Stopped. Threw down his bag like he was mad and started crying. It was sad and hilarious at the same time. We met up and I found him an egg for his bag. See if you can find the picture. :) It's really funny. :) He told me later he didn't like everyone cheering.


Anonymous said...

I think you should have had a dancing fish instead of a bear.

Uncle Bubba

rachel said...

that looked awesome!!!! i loved the picture of all the colored eggs laying in the grass. :) your kids are freakin' hilarious!

The Raudenbush Family said...

did not realize the tearful egg collapse. That's funny.