Thursday, April 16, 2009


The boys have been saving their money big time! They don't get a huge amount of money to begin with and they both had their eyes on some 'real' spider man suits. Something about superheros. It took them months to have enough money to both get their own and tonight was finally the night. After dinner Wal-Mart took their life's savings in about 5 mins. I don't think they regret it. :)
They are sleeping in the suits (without the hoods) right now.

Little boys.

I watched them jump and fly and climb and thought how quickly this phase of childhood would all pass by. I'm inspired by how they just live in the moment. Loving life, loving each other, living to the fullest. I just love those two.

yeah. they're not supposed to be climbing on the chair like that....


Anonymous said...

They are so much fun! I am so glad for the pictures. And to have 2 spidermen in the house? How lucky are you?
Love to you all cousin!

Mama Amy said...

How completely cute. I just love the sheer enthusiasm of children!

rachel said...

they look AWESOME in those costumes!!!! and remember it's not your kids that are climbing on the chair, it's little spideys. ;)

Anonymous said...

They should have saved their money and invested it. If they started saving for retirement now they would have two retirement spans (two wets of 30 year increments) under their belts by the time they actually retire. We are talking millions of dollars in the bank. I wish I would have been given this advice when I was younger. I did not start until I was 23 so I will have only 1 and 1/3 retirement spans when I am done. They don't even need to buy fishing gear, I can build it all for them. However they will need to save up for fishing licenses and tags.
Uncle Bubba

rachel said...

Uncle Bubba seems a little cranky, maybe it's because of what happened at our house last night. ;) ha ha ha