Monday, April 13, 2009

French Creek State Park

Today started like any normal Monday. School. School takes us max. 2 hours, not counting any art or crafting we might do...which I have been slacking on in every way.

(I sometimes have to get clever when Wyatt wants to continue participating past the required storytime. Today he was sorting colors and counting. Both the boys like math! Guess they got that from Rand....or Rachel.)

Technically, this is the first day of our weekend. Rand's home, so after school...anything can happen. Today we decided to check out French Creek State Park as a possible camping place when warm weather and LEAVES return. It was fun. We took the new rubber boots (because you never know what you might find at a state park) and the baseball gear and hit the road. The park is really big with 2 lakes, a swimming pool, trails, etc.

The first lake

The second lake. This slopey, stony bank is a dam. See Brendan "throwing" his Spidey-web for stability? :)

___________________This is for Uncle Bubba. I know it isn't real, but these 2 are "fishing"

Brendan fishing for something big!___________________His catch!

Now what happened here? Is this boy wet?? Hmmmm....

Wyatt slipped on the slimy, wet rocks and sat himself right down into several inches of icy, cold water. Brrrr. Miracle of all miracles I had an extra pair of Wyatt sweats in the back of the car....and a nice warm blanket. The boys snoozed all the way home.


Nana said...

That parks looks like a place where two little boys and their mom and dad could spend the whole summer making the lake, down the trails, around a bonfire.....reminds me of my own long ago....

Anonymous said...

Those waters look fishy to me. Next time take some real rods and reels, you never know what you might get. Way to land the big one Brennie, and Wyatt, don't worry I have come home from many fishing expeditions soaking wet.
Uncle Bubba

Red said...

French creek is a GREAT place to camp! We have been there a couple of times camping, and that is where we usually take the boat for fishing. Lots to do and the bugs aren't to bad.