Friday, April 3, 2009

Just Life Lately

I don't know why I haven't been able to post something new, we've been busy enough. It's not the post that I'm having trouble with, it's getting the camera out and taking some pictures. You know me, I can't post something without pictures. How boring! BUT, it looks like I'm going to, again. Sorry.
We've had some nice warm weather. Every other day is sunny, and every other day is rainy, but it's staying pretty warm. Can we turn our heat off yet???? The last sunny day we had we put up our tent in the backyard. I have no pictures, can you believe it?! :) We used to have a tent, long ago, and sold it before one of our moves. Now that the kids are ready for some bigger adventures, we got a new one after Christmas this year and plan on checking out the east coast when it's a little better weather. This sucker is huge! It can sleep 8, so if anyone wants to come with us...great!

In other news, Rand's Aunt Joanie from Minnesota is here. She has some business clients here and is staying in a hotel 10 mins. away. The boys and I picked her up from the airport on Wednesday and spent part of the afternoon with her. She came over for dinner last night. Then, just for fun, she booked us 2 nights at the hotel with her so we're going there tonight to swim and have a mini vacation 10 mins from home. The boys are thrilled and, I think, only slept 30 mins. last night. Pictures will be taken. I promise!

Other than that life has just been full of a bunch of little stuff. Scouring through my new Sonlight catalog, getting ready for the church Easter egg hunt, nursing Wyatt's dancing injury :), playing outside LOTS when it's sunny. On and on. Daily life with 2 little boys.

I'm hoping I have internet access at the hotel. By the end of the night...possibly not until tomorrow...there should be pictures of two little swimmers to enjoy.

Off to do school!!!


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope the curriculum for today involves some fisheries studies.

Uncle Bubba

Jessica said...

Hi Kaylee! I love reading your posts. I was wondering how you like Sonlight?

Red said...

I have been studying my Sonlight catalog too. Looking forward to Convention next month when I can actually TOUCH the books. :)

Kaylee said...

I love Sonlight. It's the only thing I've used, but we've done 2 full years and really like it. I love the books/stories and the organized set up. Also I can use 1 core for both of my boys and add in all the extras at their own level (math, readers, science handwriting)
I'm not a natural born love-to-learn person, so I'm partial to the literature/living books approach to learning rather than text books (how boring!). I think it's more fun to teach, too.
I feel like Sonlight does a good job balancing the moral/Christian education we want to give our kids and the strong academic side as well.
Let me know if you have more questions about it! Are you thinking about using it? Do you homeschool now? Curious.... :)

Jessica said...

Well, I've been going back and forth about sending my little one to preschool. I'm working so she has to go to daycare and the only preschool available (we don't qualify for Headstart) is almost the same price as my daycare and it's only 2 hours, 3 days/week. So...I'm trying to decide whether it's worth it to fork out the money for both or just find something I can use to work with her in the evenings and weekends. I was amazed at how hungry she is for knowledge and how eager she is to learn everything! I really wish I could homeschool....maybe some day in the future :-) Thanks so much for your info!