Friday, April 3, 2009

Kid Quotes: Vol. 1

Woo hoo! Second post today. Catchin' up.

I have to start a new series (ha!) to record some of the hilarious things my kids say. I realise that not everyone will think it is funny, but I really want to remember some of these things, because they escape me so quickly. And then you turn around and they've grown up!

Both my boys draw like there's no tomorrow! We should have stock in computer paper. (chill. we recycle. :) )

Brendan drew a dinosaur this morning, obviously wounded and dripping blood (a little dark).

I said, "Oooo, what happened to him?"

"Mom. You know. He got bitten by a different predator."

Ok. And how do you know the word 'predator'??


Luke said...

Love it! Kid soak up vocabulary, and it's a beautiful thing (even if the dino is covered in blood [smile]).


Anonymous said...

I think that it got bit by the now extinct, sad that I never got to catch one, Sabertooth Salmon.

Uncle Bubba

Jaynee~ said...

I love what kids say too. Beau (now 7 1/2)is also into using up all my computer paper with writing and drawing projects. This time he took the writing a little too far in this Auntie's perspective. But this happened on "my watch" so I have know one to blame but myself. I was fixing a cup of tea. My back was turned for oh, maybe 30 seconds, in which time he hops off the counter where he had been watching/helping me and cruises out of the kitchen & disappears for maybe a minute (i thought he went to the bathroom). He comes back, puts something into the top desk drawer and hops back up onto the counter to sip his tea. I sniff and say what is that smell beau-d? He looks suspicious, "nothin'". Then he takes the bottom of his t-shirt and yanks it up really fast and pulls is down just as fast. Of course I noticed something on his belly out the corner of my eye and ask, "what's on your tummy?"...he looks sheepish and shy and grins, "nothin'". He pulls the t-shirt up again to tease me and I see writing on his little ol' belly. I take charge (since i'm supposed to be in charge anyway) and ask to see what's under there. He has skralled IN PERMANANT BLACK MARKER (thus the curious smell), upside down, well, right side up from his perspective, these words...."I'M FROM TEXAS".
What the heck? He says he got the idea from a sticker we got in the mail of all the States. But WHY I'm FROM Texas? He just shrugs and says, "I dunno, I just wanted to." I'm still cracking up about this 4 days later. I really wish I had thought to take a picture of it...well maybe i can, it might still be readable! What a funny guy! My collection of "Beauisms" is pretty funny.
Yep, you gotta write 'em down. Hey, at least he saved one piece of computer paper! :)

Have fun in the sun. We've had a beautiful day today. I think Spring might actually be here. Len and I got a ton of yard work done. The sunshine is great inspiration.

Love you~