Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kid Quotes:Vol. 3

Man. I'm on a posting roll. I just didn't want to forget these funny (or precious) little moments. I have to post them ASAP before they escape me!

Wyatt: (in the grocery store with the mission of getting some cold medicine) Mom, can you get me some medicine to help keep my boogers in?

Brendan: (Tonight. He didn't know where I was. Crying.) I was lost in the house!!!!!!
(Later. In bed. After his scare. Calmly talking to himself. Big sigh.) Okay. I'm a little scared. But I know that God's with me.


Krisy said...

I love them. Your such a good mom Kaylee. You exemplify grace, instinct, and love. I am proud to call you a friend and thankful that we are all on this journey at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I want to know what Brennie is scared of, he is a superhero, they don't get scared. Unless of course it is of losing a big fish, I even get scared of that possibility.
Uncle Bubba