Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too Tired

We had a fun weekend with Aunt Joanie at the Marriott. Lots of swimming, visiting, sharing, and the kids did most of the talking. She had no idea how much she was going to learn spending a weekend with these 2 jabber-mouths. :)

Mostly they wanted to swim, and swim we did! It was lots of fun. We stayed up late, woke up early and today we are exhausted!

I took A TON of pictures (makes up for my lack of blogging, right?) mostly of the kids swimming and a bunch of Rand in there, too. Look close...I made it into one of the pictures. :) I can't believe we don't have one of Aunt Joanie with the boys. As you can see, the camera only really came out at the pool.

I couldn't tell ya......

See how excited they are?? They were like this the whole time!!!!!


The Raudenbush Family said...

super fun pics. no egg hunt pics? you guys have been busy busy busy!

Anonymous said...

I hope there were some fish in that pool.

Uncle Bubba

rachel said...

that looked like fun. ahhh to be like 3 feet tall again... i want to be flipped around the pool by dad. :)

Krisy said...

Dude. We went swimming on Saturday.