Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cake Pops

Has everyone seen cake pops by now? I first saw them here and here. I thought, yeah, those are cute, but after Wyatt got some for a treat after a baseball game I knew I had to try to make them. They were so cute! The ones Wyatt got were big, like the size of golf balls and decorated to look like baseballs and totally delicious!

So without really looking into it any more than I already had, I just whipped up some cake, mixed in some frosting and went for it! Well that was a disaster. The chocolate didn't melt well (over heated it) and the cake balls didn't really set very well.

So I looked briefly online. Okay. Chill longer. So I tried again. I am such an impatient chef (probably why I enjoy cooking as opposed to "baking", quicker results and less formula needed!) Well, those were a disaster too. The cake balls fell right down off the sticks, they were impossible to dip and then my make-shift double boiler failed and the chocolate came in contact with water. I almost threw them through the window. :)

Not ready to give up yet, I sat down and read everything I could on the bakerella website. I got some good tips and was determined to be more patient. I made them smaller. I practically froze the balls before I dipped them. I stirred in way more frosting. I predipped the sticks before I stuck the balls on and made sure the chocolate wasn't too think. whew!

It worked. I did a few last night and they turned out pretty good. So I think I'll make a few more for Rand's dad's birthday, which is tomorrow (hence the green cake) and we'll see if I can come up with something clever for little Easton's big day comin' up!

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Rachel said...

well done! i think i would of given up after failed attempt #2 - kinda like my pie dough experiments...

Anonymous said...

Make them look like fish, that would be awesome. Also, focus on pie dough, pie is always better than cake, always.
Uncle Bubba

patricia said...

how cute! i haven't seen these before. i'm not sure if i'm patient enough to make them, but they look like they taste delicious! :)