Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning New Tricks

So many people say they don't want to rush their children into walking. As if walking would bring about a whole new string of parenting problems issues that would be better to wait as long as possible for. I have never felt this way. Once crawling is in full swing, in my opinion, it would just be better for everyone if the child would walk already! And with Easton, walking could have happened 10 pounds ago. :) Since he has been crawling he is filthy almost all the time. He has his hands and face so close to the ground that every wrapper, piece of food, rock, and anything else ends up in his mouth or on his clothes. He has scraped up his toes, feet, knees and legs, he crawls through dirt and dead grass. He knows he can move and he wants to go and oh how I can't wait for him to be on the move....on his feet!
That being said we are getting closer every day...I'm pretty sure. He has no interest in practicing walking, but he will walk around the furniture. If he wants to go somewhere, though, it's hands and knees speed crawling time.
Yesterday, I brought in a little kid chair for him to sit on which he thought was just super fun. I'd sit him down and he would stand up and then plop down...and then giggle. He's getting good. I can't wait until he's walking!

You can tell he felt like such a big boy sitting on the chair rather than the floor. :)

It looks like he is practicing his walking here, but he's not. Just his balance.

I know. He looks a little crazy. It was the third outfit of the day after an impromptu mid-day bath and his hair dried like that. I thought maybe the baby legs would save the little knees. It worked for a while until the speed crawling started pulling them down. (or maybe it was the fat rolls pushing them down)

This is what he looks like when I try to make him practice walking. :)

Look at his precious baby curls.


Rachel said...

he is so stinkin' cute! i can't wait to squeeze him!

mom aka nana said...

he is so cute! and the those curls! can't believe how big he is getting and stretching out! he doesn't look chubby at all....he is thinning down so quickly....wish he could keep the chubby rolls a while longer....i'm going to plan a trip soon....hugs to all of you

Anonymous said...

Get the walking down and fishing will come quickly after.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

He is just so cute and so sweet. I wish I could be there to hold him and smooch his chunky cheeks. He really looks like he is slimming down which I am sure he will the more he can move on his own. Are you going to get a fence around the swimming pool soon?

Kim said...

I bet those little quadzillas are super strong! Hooray for curls, crazy after bath hair, a new big boy chair and a healthy little guy.