Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gooooo Mariners!

Today we hit up a Spring Training game. Again, great weather, great company. Couldn't help remembering the game from last year which included me, very, very pregnant. There are lots of teams that play here in the Cactus League, but we are all partial to the Mariners (except Rand who would have to root for the Diamondbacks over Seattle, but until just this year the Diamondbacks did their spring training in Tuscon). Coincidentally, the Mariners just so happened to be playing the Kansas City Royals today, but like Rachel said, "We never cheer for the Royals". The Northwest roots are deep. :)

Couldn't have had a better time with Rachel and Royal this last week!


Look who's almost 1.....

...This crazy kid!

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Anonymous said...

The Mariners lost, which is normal, should have went fishing instead.
Uncle Bubba