Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Pool is Still Cold

The weather is warming up and the pool has warmed up some since last month when the kids started swimming, (they don't scream about their heads burning anymore) BUT, it is still really cold. Way too cold for a normal person to swim in. That's why I was a little shocked when Rand came home for lunch and told the kids he was going to jump in with them. (Rand's not known for enjoying cold water)

I think he wasn't totally thinking...maybe feeling a little bad for how much work he's been doing at home and how little playing with the boys or something. He started to back peddle a little bit trying to maybe get out of it, but you don't tell your little boys you are going swimming and then bail....that's worse than not playing with them. :)






Anonymous said...

It is much easier to fish in cold water than it is to swim in cold water, so I say stick with the fishing.
Uncle Bubba

Krisy said...

What a guy. I love the way the boys are looking at him.

Rachel said...

Nice! did Rand complain about his head burning?? :) And did you time how fast he jumped out of the pool?