Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break with Rach...

...and Royal...and Jayden...and Willow! My sister and her fam drove out from Wichita for their spring break. They left Thursday afternoon and got here Friday afternoon. Turns out the drive is a lot faster if you aren't driving a U-haul. :) Friday we just hung out and Saturday Rand and Royal worked on the play structure that, like I said, has been slow going. It's almost done though!

Today we hiked at Thunderbird Park and have plans to finish the swing set this least that is the kids' plan! The weather has cooled down and is just perfect!
More to come this week with the Lovingfoss'.




pool fence up just in time!

almost done!


Anonymous said...

That pool would look so good with some fish in it.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

Your backyard is really coming together. What a great place for the all the kids to play now, especially with the pool fence. It looks great!! I want to go fossil hunting when I come the next time. It looks like fun.