Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easton Swings

It really should be no surprise he is picking up on this whole baseball thing all by himself. He started throwing and "catching" about 2 months ago. We thought it was hilarious, but you could easily entertain him through most of one of the boys' baseball games just playing a little catch with him. He loved it! Well the other day he picked up a "bat" and started swinging it. We were shocked, but what should we expect? Two baseball practices a week and two games on Saturdays. He's been to them all for the last 8 weeks...just watching and apparently learning.
Rand taught both the big boys to bat lefty but Easton is naturally going righty. We may just have to go with it. Why mess with natural talent? ;)

(Please pardon all of Wyatt's yelling in this video. Always trying to get a giggle out of Easton. I kept thinking he would stop, but he sort of just kept on doing it. sorry.) :)


Rachel said...

That is fantastic! Good job Easton!

Anonymous said...

Put a fishing rod in his hand, I bet he is a natural.
Uncle Bubba

Kim said...

This is awesome! Total natural... look how strong Easton is!