Friday, March 25, 2011

Easton::12 Months

Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet Easton. This year has been a year of falling in love with boy #3. He is a joy and it has been one of the best years. Can't wait to watch him become more of him this coming year, too.
Easton at one year is almost, almost walking, crawling like a mad man, and not sleeping well at all. He is attached to Mama like no other. He is topping the charts at around 30 pounds (we will know for sure after his appointment in a couple weeks). He hasn't cut any new teeth this month (phew!) and his favorite toy is still any kind of ball. He is much blonder than the other two and we can't quite figure out what color his eyes are....kinda greenish.

Love this boy.


Kristi said...

He's so so cute and I think he's really looking quite a lot like you. Happy Birthday!!

Krisy said...

I love him! Love him! Love him! Feels just like it was yesterday.

Anonymous said...

3 more years until fishing. I can't wait.
Uncle Bubba